Everybody has their own unique needs and goals.

Writing a good job post helps a Support Pro to understand what sort of skills they need to support you in achieving your goals.

Don't worry about having to write every little detail about the job straight away. When somebody applies who might be a good match, you will have the opportunity to message and give them more information or even organise a 'Meet and Greet' where you can chat in person.

- - - - -

About Participant

  • Share a bit of info about who the Support Pro will be working with. What are the participants interests, personality, or disability if you feel it is important to share.

  • It's a great way to let a Support Pro know a bit more about who they will be working with before meeting each other.

  • Finding a Support Pro with shared interests or experience working with similar personalities can make a huge difference.


- - - - -

When & Where?

  • This is where you can let Support Pros know what your ideal days and times are. You can be as flexible with these times as you need to be.

  • Some people might already know that they need support for "2 hours every Tuesday and Thursday morning, between 9:00am - 11:00am"

  • For others it could be more flexible such as "3 hours in the afternoon, any weekday"

- - - - -

Types of Support

  • Choose the types of support this job is likely to involve. You can get an idea of what fits into these categories here: https://help-m.kynd.com.au/help/available-services

  • If it involves something else that is outside of these categories you will be able to include this in the More Specifics? section.

More Specifics?

  • This is where you can give a bit more detail about what is involved in this job.

  • Give a bit more detail if a Support Pro requires experience or specialist skills e.g. Osteo, needs toileting experience, hoisting and lifting experience.

- - - - -

Remember that you can edit your job at any time, so don't stress too much about it being perfect. Just follow some of these tips and write enough information to help a Support Pro get a good idea of what they can expect if you decide to work together. 

You will still have the opportunity to chat via message or organise a 'Meet and Greet' before setting up any shifts.