When you add a 'repeating booking' - it's like setting up a roster.

When changing an individual shift in a Repeating Booking you can edit;

  • The time the booking occurs
  • The hourly rate for a single booking

If you need to change all the bookings in a roster such as;

  • The time the repeating booking occurs
  • The day of the week a recurring booking occurs
  • Or the hourly rate for the booking

... you will need to cancel the repeating booking and setup a new repeating booking.

If you are looking to change individual bookings, check out our guide to Change One-Off Bookings.


Go to the next upcoming booking for the schedule.



Your next upcoming bookings will be near the top of the list. You can filter the list.



Find the next upcoming booking date or the date on which you want to cancel from.

Click on the booking and click Cancel Booking.



Make sure that "This Booking and All Future Bookings is selected".

Share a quick message for the Support Pro.



Something like “Change from Tuesday to Wednesday” or “Rate change” is fine.

Add New Repeating Booking

Now you can setup a new repeating support booking with the relevant details.