Many Support Workers do have qualifications, but not all. 

When Kynd began, we asked the exact same question. Our guiding vision and philosophy for Kynd is 100% community empowerment. 

We believe you should be in control... not some blanket policy.

So we asked our community. People and families like you. 

You told us loud and clear that:  

  • You would rather see all options and make your own choices
  • The most important factor is the 'chemistry' and personal fit 
  • You're happy to and often prefer to train your Support Workers
  • Experience shows you that qualifications don't equal quality

Many Support Workers have degrees and certificates (inc. CPR and First Aid Certificates). 

If you're seeking Support Workers with specific qualifications or certifications (or experience), be sure to ask about this within Job Posts and any Meet & Greets.

You can even ask to check any docs.

With more options available, Kynd helps you find the right Support Pro.