We take active measures to protect your safety, privacy and information.

As a Member / Participant, you also have control over who sees your info. 

You control who you choose for any support and any services you request.

Here are a few ways that we help ensure safety, privacy and information! 

Your Details

If you don't contact the Support Worker, your information will never be shared. 

When you do, info will be shared 'in stages', based on what the Support Worker needs to know.

Here are ways you can contact a Support Worker and how your info is shared:

- - - - -

Searching > If you never contact any Support Worker, they won't see any info.

Messages > If sending a message, people see 'First Name Surname Initial'.
(eg. Sandra F.)

Job Posts > You get to preview the basic info shared (before posting a job).

Requests > If sending a booking request, the Support Worker will see the below:
- Member Firstname, Surname Initial (eg. Sandra F.)
- Participant Firstname, Surname Initial (eg. Amanda F.)
- Participant Gender and Age (but never Date of Birth)
- Suburb / State of support location (eg. Tugun, QLD)

- If a Support Worker accepts a booking request, they'll see the full address
- For support bookings in the past, the system only shows Suburb/State

Photos > To help create trust, all Members and Support Workers need photos.
(adding a profile photo for Participants is optional, but helps create trust)

Important >
- We also never display Date of Birth or Surnames for anyone on Kynd.

Support Pros

Each Support Worker passes a verification process. This includes:

  1. Review of their Profiles
  2. Safety & Identity Checks (review of Government IDs and ABNs)
  3. Police Certificate (a National Police Check with No Disclosable Court Outcomes)
  4. Review of relevant qualifications 

You're able to view Support Workers and learn more about them first. 

This shares their personal bio, experience, services and more info. 

It's your chance to understand if they might suit you or Participants.

You are welcome to request additional documents before booking support and self-verify any qualifications.

100% Control

When choosing a Support Worker using Kynd, you're 100% in control.

  • You can set up a free 'Meet & Greet' to discuss and set expectations. 
  • You can choose someone you like and trust. It's entirely your choice. 
  • If you're ever not 100% happy, you could cancel support with them.
  • Unlike agencies and providers, you will never have a stranger arrive.

Meet & Greet

We suggest messaging Support Workers any key questions before 'Meet & Greets'.

We then recommend a free 'Meet & Greet' first, especially for ongoing support.

  • Normally 30 to 60 minutes to discuss your mutual needs
  • Learn more about each other and talk rates and schedules
  • Ensure your home / environment is safe for Support Pros
  • You're welcome to ask to check a Support Workers certificates
  • If more comfortable, you could meet in a public location

Booking Details

With bookings in Kynd, you'll have accurate records and see all support booking details

Secure Messages

You're able to send messages via Kynd, so you don't have to share personal numbers.

Secure Payments

Kynd is a cashless solution.

You or a Plan Manager receive invoices once bookings are approved. Never pay a Support Worker cash or transfer money outside the platform. Keep your data secure.

Insurance Cover

Kynd includes insurance cover for Support Workers. For info, search this Help Centre.