Members and Support Pros always need to cancel bookings via the platform. 

The NDIS has a thing called the 'Short Notice Cancellation Policy'. To keep things simple between Members and Support Pros, we also adopt this approach at Kynd.

However, Members and Support Pros are welcome to agree something different.

For example, you may both agree that a Member can cancel a booking for free if:

  • cancelled more than 24 hours beforehand 
  • cancelled for sickness or medical reasons

We recommend chatting about this when you first setup your support rosters.


Free Cancellation

If a Member cancels a booking with more than short notice, no fees are due.

If a Support Pro cancels or does not show up for a booking, no fees are payable.

Support Pros also agree to try their best to give 48 hours notice if cancelling.


Paid Cancellation

If a separate agreement does not exist between the Member and Support Pro, and a Member cancels a booking with less than short notice (< 2 days), a Support Pro has the option to still submit the booking and ask the Member to approve it for payment.