For the convenience of Members and Support Pros, insurance cover is included.

Support Pros have the benefit of our insurance for coverage during their support services with Members, when booked and paid for through the Kynd platform.

More info about Insurance Cover is available here:

Kynd Insurance

Kynd Terms of Use

We provide general information about available insurance policies (including any terms of insurance). Support Pros need to inform themselves of, comply with and maintain eligibility for the terms of Kynd's group insurances, and to obtain further insurance if they believe that they are not adequately covered by our insurance.

Members and Support Pros are responsible for paying applicable excesses.

Insurance does not provide cover to anyone other than Kynd and the Support Pros.

We encourage Members to obtain insurance to provide coverage in respect of any liability, including damage or loss to property and/or death of or injury to any person while at your property. Members are encouraged to see if they may have a home and contents policy that may have a liability extension. In most states of Australia, you can also jump online and purchase a 'Home Workers Compensation Policy'.